Job Opportunities

Children's Ministry Sunday Coordinator

Status: Part-time, 8-10 Hours

General Summary:

The role of the CM Sunday Coordinator is to coordinate and prepare volunteers to work with kids in the Early Childhood

and Elementary classes on Sunday mornings.


The CM Sunday Coordinator is a person who is deeply committed to developing a spiritual foundation for the children of

The River CRC. This person will work with the CM Director by learning about and assisting in all aspects of Children's

Ministry. This person will be equipped to grow into a director position. This person will need to be self-motivated and

take initiative in their role.


● Recruit and Schedule Early Childhood and Elementary Volunteers

● Prep EC and Elementary Classes

● Participate in CM Special Events

● Coordinate EC and Elementary Program Practice

● Communicate with Director about Supply Needs

Practical Tasks:

● Set up volunteer schedule every 3 months

● Create curriculum folders for volunteers

● Make copies each week for classes

● Maintain snack supplies

● Email volunteers weekly

● Prep crafts and activities for each class

● Maintain classroom bulletin boards

● Celebrate Birthdays

● Present on Sunday

● Be able to help with Legacy Night if needed

Vision Support Tasks:


● Greet families, paying particular attention to welcoming new families.


● Participate in opportunities for the development of the CM Team.

● Remain current with CM trends and updates.

● Help children learn about God and His Word, worship him, and develop a lifelong relationship with him.

Give:● Create an environment in which children are encouraged to share monetary and physical blessings.


● Create programs and an environment that encourage our children to share Jesus with others.


● Recruit and equip volunteers to serve God by serving the children of The River.

● Create opportunities for our children to learn and practice servanthood.

This job requires a high level of flexibility in regard to tasks and job functions. The above list is not all-inclusive, additional

duties may be required.

To apply for this position or for any questions, please email your resume to